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Coastal Art Maps expands collection

A New York-based map-making company has expanded its exquisite collection of hand-drawn maps spotlighting the East Coast's most beautiful beaches, from Florida to New England. 

Each of Coastal Art Maps’ 27 breathtaking maps represent moments when an ever-changing world is briefly frozen in time. 

The company’s growing collection now includes the idyllic New England islands Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket -- famous for their beaches, lighthouses, cobblestone streets and gray-shingled cottages -- to the iconic Florida Keys -- with its broad varieties of land forms and vast natural wonders - plus much of the stunning shoreline in between. 

Now, the newest offerings include six maps of the Chesapeake Bay area, showcasing the splendor of the Bay and the quaint Eastern Shore towns surrounding it.

Artist Joseph S. Tarella, Owner of Coastal Art Maps, creates stunning artwork using the time-honored tools of pen-and-ink and watercolor washes. The tactile quality that Tarella achieves by using ink and watercolors on vellum allows for a kind of expression not easily achieved using more modern, mechanical methods.

“We've been getting overwhelmingly positive feedback about our maps, which are resonating well with a large, diverse audience, including the beach lover, boating enthusiast, avid sportsman, casual naturalist, art aficionado, and anyone familiar with the natural treasures along the beautiful, water-centric East Coast shoreline," said Joseph S. Tarella, Artist and Owner of Coastal Art Maps. 

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