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CoastGurard Responses - New England

Recent responses from Massachusetts and New England

Recent responses from Massachusetts and New England

Sailor clings to boat

Station Point Allerton, Mass.

A man was pulled from the water by a Coast Guard boat crew as he was clinging to his boat in HullBay. Station Point Allerton received a call from a good Samaritan on shore who reported a person in the water, hanging on to the side of a sailboat about 500 yards south of the Coast Guard station. A 41-foot boat crew from Station Point Allerton was in the area and diverted to the scene while a 25-foot rescue boat crew launched from the station to assist. The boat crews arrived on scene and the 25-foot boat crew pulled the man from the water. The Hull Harbormaster towed his 14.5-foot sailboat back to its mooring. No injuries were reported. The Coast Guard reported the man’s life jacket definitely helped as he was clinging to the side of his boat. (Aug. 21)

Clinging to a buoy

Station New Haven, Conn.

A kayaker was found clinging to a buoy after he capsized near Guilford, Conn. A Madison Fire Department marine unit found the man clinging to the No. 16 buoy near Faulkner’s Island and waving a white flag to signal for help. The distressed kayaker called Guilford emergency services from his cell phone reporting that his kayak had overturned near Jacob’s Beach. Rescue units from Coast Guard Station New Haven, Guilford Police and Fire Departments, and Branford and Madison Fire Departments conducted a search between Faulkner’s Island and Jacob’s Beach for the kayaker. The Madison Fire Department rescue crew transported the man and the kayak back to shore. The kayaker was wearing a life jacket. There were no reported injuries. (Aug. 7)

Children aboard leaking boat

Station South Portland, Maine

A mother and three children aboard a sailboat were escorted to safety after reporting to the Coast Guard that their boat was taking on water about 12 miles southwest of Cape Small. The operator aboard the sailboat contacted Coast Guard Sector Northern New England by radio and said she had an accident with the sailboat a few days ago that may have punctured the hull and now the 30-foot sailboat was taking on water. There were no reports of injuries or pollution. Coast Guard Cutter Flyingfish was on patrol in the area and diverted to the scene. The crew went aboard the sailboat to help evaluate the cause of the flooding. The sailboat’s bilge pumps were keeping up with the water coming in, but the source of the flooding could not be determined. The crew of the cutter took the three children, ages 13, 11 and 9, aboard the cutter and escorted the sailboat to Portland. The Maine Marine Patrol and a 47-foot rescue boat crew from Station South Portland also assisted. (Aug. 5)

Sailboat, crew found safe

Station Point Allerton, Mass.

A sailboat and its crew were found safe approximately four miles north of Race Point near Provincetown, Mass. Coast Guard Sector Boston received a call from the Salem harbormaster, reporting that the sailboat had notified them they were disabled, but still making their way toward Florida on sail power. The harbormaster relayed the sailboat’s position to the Coast Guard and a 41-foot rescue boat from Station Point Allerton was dispatched to the area. They located the sailboat and confirmed the two-person crew was uninjured and not in any distress. The crew did not request any Coast Guard assistance. The Coast Guard encouraged the crew to develop a structured communication plan for the rest of the trip, and to file a float plan with their family. (Aug. 3)

Towed boat after fire

Station Chatham, Mass.

A Coast Guard crew towed a 20-foot pleasure boat after it caught fire approximately two miles south of Harwich Port, Mass. Station Chatham received a mayday call from the boat, reporting they had a small engine fire. When the 27-foot rescue boat crew from Station Chatham arrived on scene, the six person crew of the boat had already extinguished the fire with a handheld fire extinguisher they had aboard. There were no injuries reported. (Aug. 3)