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Coastie memorialized with boat donation


FEB. 20 — On Saturday, Feb. 16, the Coast Guard Auxiliary chapter in New Orleans accepted the donation of a 26-foot pleasure boat that will officially join the fleet of the Flotilla 4-3 for search-and-rescue purposes, according to a recent press release.

The vessel is a 1967 Thunderbird and was donated to the Coast Guard Station by a private owner, Harold D. Magee, who said he could no longer use the vessel due to declining health reasons. The boat had been completely rebuilt in 2002 and was donated in the name of Magee’s close friend, the late Coast Guard Senior Chief Petty Officer Stanley A. Patrick II of Algiers, La.

“This is really about honoring a great man and a great friend,” says Mark Magee, son of Harold, “and making a positive contribution to safe boating at the same time.“

With the Thunderbird’s maximum speed topping 50 knots, the Coast Guard Auxiliary Personnel will use the vessel for search-and-rescue, enforcement of vessel safety regulations and a variety of other missions, according to the report.

— Elizabeth Ellis