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Coasties mourn the loss of a mascot

SEPT. 17 — After 14 years Coast Guard Station Little Creek in Virginia Beach, Va., bade farewell to a shipmate during a burial at sea Aug. 31.

Mayday first came to the station in 1993 as an E-1 mascot, no more than a mere pup, but would soon make an indelible mark on the team.

“Mayday was an AKC registered Dalmatian, guard dog and boat crew member,” said Petty Officer Bryan Ralston in a press release from the station. “He had an operation facilities code for a Social Security number and his next of kin was listed as the officer-in-charge and executive petty officer of Station Little Creek.”

While still a pup when Mayday first joined he quickly earned his spots, rising from the rank of seaman recruit to chief petty officer earlier this year, according to the release. Some of his achievements included being a mentor to sister station mascots, participating in parades, and even stealing the limelight in a Coast Guard recruiting commercial.

Shortly after being advanced this year, Mayday retired to the home of the Ralston family in North Carolina. He died in mid-August.

“Mayday was a shipmate and dear friend to many and will be missed,” said Ralston in the release. “We wish fair winds and following seas to our shipmate.”

No plans have been made to replace Mayday.

— Elizabeth Ellis