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Collision may force ocean rower to quit

OCT. 12 — A Scottish stockbroker was recently forced to halt his attempt to row across the Atlantic after his rowing boat collided with a trawler in the Gulf of Cadiz off Spain and began taking on water.

Leven Brown, who is 33 and reportedly claims to be a descendent of explorer Christopher Columbus, set off in August to follow the route Columbus took across the Atlantic on his third voyage to America in 1498. Brown was able to row about 900 miles — from Cadiz, Spain, to Tenerife in the Canary Islands — where he hopes to make repairs to his boat, a news report says. If Brown cannot immediately make the necessary repairs to his boat he will have to give up the attempt.

Brown sold his house in Edinburgh and gave up a $70,000-a-year job to make the voyage, the report says. He was hoping to raise money for two charities.

“To say the least, I feel more than extremely disappointed,” Brown said in a statement.

— Jason Fell