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Color Schemas

Information about Site Colors and Schemas

This module allows you to manage all of the colors for your site(s). Centralpoint offers an in-line color selector to be used with each individual color. This color pallette assume 216 colors (which are commonly accessible to most users as web-safe colors.)

Color Schemas also controls what type of navigation will be used for this site. The options are:

1.) HTML Vertical Nav: (Left hand nav, in html)
2.) HTML Horiztonal Nav: (Horizontal nav in html)
3.) Image Vertical Nav: (Left hand nav, images): To manage the images for this option, you will need to go to Sites/Administrators--Site Navigation, and enter images for each of your individual Site Navigation Sections.

Figure 1. This diagram outlines the primary colors that serve to any site

Tips and Tricks:

1.) Automatically change site colors throughout the year:The start and end dates required, allow you to manage multiple site design schemas, having them activate and de-activate when you want to. (Example: A special Christmas site schema may have a start date of 12/1/0X, and an end date of 12/26/0X., allowing the site to display this design schema for only 25 days, and then return to normal.)

2.) Access other sources for additional colors: For more colors (more than 216) or to simply experiment with just the right here. Popular design applications like Photoshop, and Fireworks offer built in color finders if you are looking for just the right one.

3.) Site Properties. There are Site Properties that allow the control of many of the design features for your site. These properties allow for nav width control (left and right), calendar (on/off) controls, nav bar (on/off) controls, member and sign in (on/off) controls, and positioning of the nav itself (if horizontal).

4.) Control. Based on your design criteria, you may want to use a white (FFFFFF) background color for the left bar, right bar, and even top and bottom optimize whitespace and eliminate a "Boxy" look and feel to your site.

5.) Flexibility. Not every site needs to use the same design. Create unique designs for different sections of your site, or different audience types.

6.) Colors and Images. Site images allow for background images to be used behind logos, and behind site navigation areas. Please see Design--Site Images



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