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Company unveils boat-monitoring system

A Canadian company that monitors ATM machines and heavy machinery launched a boat-monitoring system with smartphone alarm capabilities.

The product launch of BoatLink+, which is owned by the DPL Group in New Brunswick, was made at the Palm Beach International Boat Show that ended March 23.

“The system will tell boat owners if something goes wrong in four key areas,” BoatLink+ CEO Jayne DeMerchant said. “We wanted to give boaters some peace of mind while their boats are in the water.”

Owners will receive alerts if the high-water alarm in the bilge is activated, if DC battery voltage is low, if an armed cabin door has been opened and if AC power is failing to function.

“It’s a smartphone-, tablet-based software and the application is free,” said Dave Laska, a 35-year marine electronics veteran BoatLink+ hired to prepare the product for the marine market.

The product is $749, with a $10-a-month (or $120 prepaid per year) subscription fee.

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