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Costa Concordia captain admits being 'distracted'

The Italian captain of the cruise ship Costa Concordia admitted he was distracted by a phone call at the time it capsized off Italy in January, killing 32 people.

Francesco Schettino gave his first interview on Tuesday night after being released from house arrest by a judge.

He is accused of causing the accident by taking the liner too close to rocks near the island of Giglio, off Italy’s west coast — and of abandoning the liner while many passengers and crew were still aboard.

He told Italy’s Channel 5 he does not accept full blame for the wreck, but said: “I feel guilty for having been distracted.”

Click here for the full report by MSNBC.

In related news, victims of the doomed cruise ship filed a new Complaint against Miami headquartered Carnival Corp., the builder of the Costa Concordia, for product liability; against Carnival's Miami-based architect for defective ship design; and against Carnival for a pattern and practice of concealing and/or delaying notification of life-threatening situations to passengers on board their cruise ships, among other causes of action. Another claim, alleging wrongful death on behalf of several other parties, is to be filed shortly, according to a press release by the plaintiff’s law firm of Napoli Bern Ripka Shkolnik.

Click here for the press release.