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Costa Concordia wreck site provides local tourism boom

The refloating of the wrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship is expected to be delayed until next spring.

Project officials had expected to upright the semisubmerged vessel around mid-January, but now that's not likely to happen until March or April 2013.

More recently, tourists and onlookers can pay about $12 and take a day trip to view the wreck. Ferries pass within a few feet of the capsized ship. Ironically, the disaster that took more than 30 lives has ignited a boom for Giglio’s tourism industry.

Lastly, the formal investigation into the incident is ongoing. Costa Crociere, the cruise ship’s operator, and the Concordia captain are being probed. People want to know why the ship was sailing so close to the island at high speed and why the evacuation was delayed for more than an hour after the crash when the vessel was already listing badly.

No trial is expected before 2013.

Click here for the full report by The Maritime Executive and click here for the official announcement by the Italian Civil Protection Agency.