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Couple wakes up in sinking boat

Winds gusting to 60 mph made for a nerve-racking night for many boat owners in the Seattle area. The situation was even worse for a liveaboard couple who awoke Monday to rising water.

The couple, sleeping in their boat tied up at a Kirkland, Wash., marina, awoke to a stranger yelling for them to get off their 40-foot Bayliner powerboat that was sinking. A passing jogger saw the scene and alerted the sleeping liveaboards.

"The winds overnight damaged the boats to the point that they began to take on water," King County Marine Patrol Sgt. Jim Kanauss told the Kirkland Reporter.

The couple was able to get off the boat on their own but did sustain minor injuries, including one person with a laceration to the head, according to a Kirkland Fire spokesman.

Their boat, tied portside to a dock, sank as far as the tied lines would allow. They were not alone as another boat in the marina sank to the bottom of the shallow marina waters.

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