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Crane collapses on motoryacht

It was a tough start to another boating season for a Stamford, Conn., couple whose 47-foot boat, still shrink-wrapped from the winter, was damaged by the steel arm of a derrick crane that topped at their marina.

The crane was pulling up pilings at the Stamford Harbor Marina in a clean-up job from last fall’s Hurricane Sandy when it toppled and fell just before 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

"The balance of the crane got out of kilter and the crane began to slip off the barge and the boom landed on a 47-foot powerboat," marina manager Jacqui Brindley told the Connecticut Post. The boat kept the crane from toppling off the barge and into the water.

Varina Wakeman, owner of the damaged boat, said she was relieved no one was hurt in the incident and that insurance should cover any damages to her boat, Summer Place, which she and her husband purchased four years ago.

"I'm stunned, frankly," Wakeman said while looking at the boom laying on her $120,000 yacht. "It's kind of ironic that we survived Sandy and it is the repair from the hurricane that did the damage."

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