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Crew begins record run from Miami to New York

Italian, German, Spanish and American sailors, largely known for their independent offshore sailing expeditions, have come together in a quest to set a new pace for speed on the water under sail.

The collection of globetrotting extreme sailors collectively have more than 1 million miles of experience offshore. Italian Giovanni Soldini leads the crew of eight, including American Brad Van Liew.

They set out from Miami on Thursday aboard the VOR70 Maserati intent to establish the official monohull sailing record from Miami to New York City.

This race against time is one of several records that Soldini and his international crew aboard Maserati will attempt in the months ahead.

The record attempt can be followed live on Giovanni Soldini and Maserati's website. The site contains news, videos and photos of the crew life on board, and provides continuous monitoring of the marine weather conditions, as well as online tracking to check the position and speed of Maserati in real time.

Continuous updates are also available on Facebook (through Giovanni Soldini's official page) and Twitter (@giovannisoldini, @borisherrmann, @bradvanliew).