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Crew finds that rescuers 'don't work weekends'

North American cruising boaters generally assume that when a distress call is required, a trained rescue crew will quickly spring into action.

Just don’t get into trouble off Nananu-i-Ra Island in the South Pacific.

Last week, three cruising sailors from Europe had to be rescued by a nearby dive boat crew after their mayday calls were unheeded by local authorities, according to a report by the Fiji Times.

Safari Lodge of Nananu-i-Ra Island director Warren Francis said the three sailors were also calling for help on the yacht's satellite phone and radio.

Francis told the newspaper the sailors were sailing near the Vatu-i-Ra passage when a “rogue wave” swept their yacht onto the reef.

“They radioed the Navy in Suva who told them that the Navy does not work on weekends and could not provide assistance for them,” Francis said.

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