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Crew plans to conquer Northwest Passage in a rowboat

Amateur adventurer Kevin Vallely finished his last shakedown cruise last Tuesday, rowing a small four-man boat around Burrard Inlet, and now he’s ready for his next really big adventure – transiting the Northwest Passage, one oar stroke at a time.

“Several people have kayaked it over [a section at a time] over several years. But no one has ever done this under human power in a single season. Not even close,” Vallely, a Canadian architect, told The Globe and Mail.

Vallely is heading up a four-man team that plans to row about 1,800 miles, from Inuvik to Pond Inlet, over the course of about 75 days this summer.

“We are prepared. We have guns,” said Vallely, talking about possible encounters with polar bears. “But we’ll have rubber bullets and bear bangers … we don’t want to kill a bear.”

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