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Crew sets N.Y.-to-San Fran record

Giovanni Soldini and his crew aboard Maserati set a new record of 47 days, 42 minutes and 29 seconds to sail ‘The Golden Route’ from New York to San Francisco via the notorious Cape Horn.

They crossed the finish line under San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and established a new record time reference on the Golden Route, in the monohull category.

“We are exceedingly happy,” said Soldini. “The Golden Route is an historic record, a very important and challenging one. Now it will bear the colours of the Italian flag. Maserati proved to be extremely powerful, strong and reliable. The crew has been extraordinary over these 47 days, everyone was prepared to face even the hardest situation. I would like to thank all my companions in this adventure and all our partners — Maserati, BSI and Generali — who made it possible for our dream to come true.”

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