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Crew uncovers treasure in shipwreck off Florida

A treasure hunter recently found 300-year-old gold coins valued at a quarter of a million dollars in a shipwreck off Treasure Coast in Florida.

Capt. Greg Bounds says treasure hunting on the Capitana is the hardest job he’s ever had, but on days like Saturday they’re also the most rewarding, according to a local NBC affiliate.

Bounds and his crew headed offshore, about 200 feet off the coastline on Wabasso Beach, Fla., and began looking for sunken treasure.

Brent Brisben's company, 1715 Fleet Queen's Jewels, owns the salvage rights to the shipwrecks they hunt off the Sebastian Inlet.

"Eleven Spanish galleons, loaded with treasure, were sunk along the coastline out here by a hurricane [in 1715]," Brisben told the station. "That's what gives us the Treasure Coast."

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