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Crews raise historic fishing vessel

Salvage crews raised the F/V Kodiak, which was sunk by the March 11 tsunami that hit the Pacific coast of the U.S.

The historic 67-foot wooden fishing vessel performed rescue operations in Alaska after a massive 1964 earthquake.

So far, seven sunken vessels that posed a pollution threat have been extracted from Crescent City Harbor in northern California. High winds have affected the operational pace, as the crane cannot operate in winds of 25 mph or more.

The crane removed a total of 13 pilings that impeded access to the remaining sunken vessels in the inner harbor that pose a pollution threat. A total of 16 pilings will be removed.

Cleanup crews have removed approximately 1,545 gallons of petroleum products from damaged vessels and 1,660 cubic yards of debris from the inner boat basin. A total of 1,300 feet of containment boom has been deployed.

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