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Cruise line asks for a break

DEC. 28 — Celebrity Cruises is asking the state of Washington to reduce the fine it issued the company for dumping 500,000 gallons of untreated wastewater into state waters.

The cruise company’s management has admitted that it made mistakes, saying they misunderstood the terms of a 2004 agreement that limits the amount of wastewater dumping in state waters, news reports say.

“We made an honest, innocent mistake,” a Celebrity Cruises attorney says in a report. “What we’re trying to say is that we got mixed up.”

Washington fined Celebrity Cruises $100,000 for dumping the wastewater between September and October 2005, say reports. The company is hoping the state will reconsider the fine in regards to three dumping instances it says happened in Canadian waters.

The wastewater in the discharges consisted mostly of untreated sink, shower and laundry water, with a small amount of treated sewage waster, according to reports.

Jason Fell