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Cruise liner carries out mid-Atlantic yacht rescue

A Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines‘ ?ship Braemar came to the aid of a sailing yacht that had been adrift in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean for nearly three days.

It involved the “challenging” rescue of two passengers from the 14-metre Nicollet and assistance of material for the yacht’s crew members to make necessary repairs.

The British-based cruise line’s 929-guest Braemar was cruising from Santa Cruz, Tenerife to Bridgetown, Barbados, at a speed of 16.2 knots on 27 December 2015, when the officer of the watch ?spotted the drifting sailing yacht Nicollet on the radar, 10 nautical miles from the cruise ship.

Braemar‘s officer of the watch contacted the Nicollet to make sure that everything was in order, since the yacht was drifting and no sails were hoisted.

The yacht confirmed that the steering gear was broken and the sea anchor had been deployed.

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