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Cruisers now have access to free digital charts

Global chart maker NV Charts is adding a new, dynamic dimension to their digital chart products and mobile NV App, and it’s all free.

Cruisers who download the free NV App for navigating with their tablets and mobile devices from will also be able to download NV Chart’s entire U.S. East Coast digital chart sets at zero cost, absolutely free, from Maine and the Canadian Border to the southernmost tip of Florida at Key West.

In addition, NV Charts has teamed up with the Atlantic Cruising Club (ACC), an independent, boater-biased publishing company known for its comprehensive Guides to Marinas. ACC’s Guides provide extensive, independent, objective, researched information on marinas and their surrounding areas. 

A very useful subset of ACC’s information will be embedded in every free US East Coast NV Chart, according to NV Chart’s president and CEO, Hasko Scheidt.

“Thanks to our partnership with ACC, up to 40 items of information about area marinas will be available to chart users when they check out a harbor or anchorage on their mobile device using our NV charts and App,” Hasko says. “No Internet connection is required; information from ACC’s Guides is embedded in the digital chart and will always be available at the navigator’s fingertips. And if a boater is in a harbor with an Internet connection, he or she can directly access even more information from the ACC website ( through embedded links in the charts.”

NV Charts in all available formats can be easily purchased online; visit