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Cruising seminar is revised

The popular Nautical Seminar for Cruising Couples, known as "Suddenly Alone," originally developed by the Cruising Club of America and the Bonnell Cove Foundation, has been repackaged as a small scale do-it-yourself presentation for sailing clubs and organizations.

The curriculum is available on a CD as PowerPoint presentations with speaker notes, references and handouts for local speakers to use and the accompanying workbook "Suddenly Alone - Know You Can Handle It" is available for each student or couple attending.

Less experienced sailors, be they friends or family members, have understandable anxiety at the thought of the skipper becoming incapacitated. This training gives the essential steps needed to get a frightening situation under control and reach help.

The program is divided into five 40- to 50-minute classroom presentations and three 60-minute hands-on practical sessions.

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