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Cuba Help

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There are numerous resources for learning about Cuba, more than you might realize. As the U.S.-Cuba relationship thaws after decades on ice, here’s a primer for anyone considering a trip to the island nation.

FAQs About the New Visitation rules:

The New Rules in Detail: Federal Register, Jan. 16, 2015 (Treasury Department), page 2291:

Recent Cruising Guides to Cuba:

• Cheryl Barr, “Cuba Cruising Guide, Vol. 1” (Western Cuba, in print, Vol. 2 for Eastern Cuba due later this year. (2013, $60, Yacht Pilot Publishing).

• Nigel Calder, “Cuba: A Cruising Guide” (1999, $85, Available in chandleries and online bookstores such as

• Simon Charles, “The Cruising Guide to Cuba,” (1997, $45, Cruising Guides Publications). Available at online bookstores such as

• Free on the Web: “A Cruising Guide to Cuba,” by Amaia Agirre and Frank Virgintino, (PDF will download), as well as the Cuba pages at

Useful sites:

Official Cuba Tourist Board in Canada

Havana Journal

• Cuba travel guides: There are many — Frommer’s, Lonely Planet, Michelin, Moon, National Geographic and Rough Guide, to name a few. A free crowd-sourced guide is online at

• U.S. State Department: “U.S. Relations With Cuba.”

• Under President Obama’s new policy, the Treasury Department no longer requires that authorized travel agencies arrange visits, but you will still find specialists if you do an Internet search for “OFAC-approved Cuba travel agencies.”