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Day out turns tragic

AUG. 1 — A Florida father and his 19-year-old son drowned Saturday afternoon during a family outing when the 15-foot powerboat they were on capsized in rough weather in the MatlachaPass.

The family — including the mother and a 14-year-old daughter — was thrown from the boat when it hit two waves and flipped, news reports say. The son, authorities say, gave his mother the PFD he was wearing moments before everyone went overboard. The father, who was 47, was not wearing a PFD.

“It was a tragic accident,” JoAnne Adams, a spokesperson for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, says in a news report. “The mother and daughter survived, but the father and son did not make it.”

People who witnessed the accident told authorities that the weather had turned bad shortly before the boat capsized. “You could see the line of storms,” onlooker Bob Burkhart says in a report. “It was pretty bad.”

The mother and daughter were taken to an area hospital where they were treated and eventually released, reports say. The FWC is investigating the accident.

— Jason Fell