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‘Dead’ men do tell tales

Piotr Kucy is in an unusual situation: he can’t get insurance or get a job, because the government thinks he’s dead.

Five months ago Kucy, 37, sailed out of Swinoujscie, his residence on the Baltic Sea in northwestern Poland for a two-week fishing trip, according to an article in Ananova, a British news source. When he returned, however, his family was given the shock of their lives — authorities had apparently wrongly identified a body washed up on shore.

“Police found a body and then, when a friend said it looked like me, they quickly declared me dead — my family said they weren’t even allowed to check the corpse properly,” said Kucy in the report. “They had already buried me and there I was alive.”

However, local authorities have refused to “resurrect” Kucy, so now he has been fighting with the Polish government over the past few months to get his life back, according to the article.

“I have to work, insure myself, but I can’t because I’m still dead!” said Kucy in the report.

No indication was given if Kucy has made further progress in his case at this point.

— Elizabeth Ellis