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DeLorme offers contract-free subscription plan

DeLorme will offer a new contract-free satellite subscription plan for its inReach product line of handheld satellite messengers.

The flexible Freedom Plan will allow subscribers to pay for inReach satellite service on a monthly basis only when they need it. They will be able to suspend the service when they’re not using it and retain access to their data, such as messages and tracks from previous trips, reactivating the service plan when they need it.

A minimum 30-day commitment is required.

DeLorme said the plan will make inReach products more affordable for boaters who use them only on an intermittent basis. Service fees for the new plan will start at $14.95 a month for the safety service. Subscribers with year-round requirements can still sign up for a traditional yearly plan at lower monthly rates.

Introduced in June 2013, DeLorme’s inReach SE is a two-way handheld satellite messenger with a built-in bright, high-resolution screen. Users can exchange 160-character text messages with any cell number or email address using the screen and virtual keyboard with predictive text, even when it’s not paired with a smartphone or tablet.

In addition to text messaging, inReach SE provides remote GPS tracking and interactive SOS distress alerting. It uses the Iridium satellite network for 100 percent global coverage without blackout zones or fringe areas.