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Discount boat delivery gets expensive

MARCH 20 -- Two British men delivering a Fairline Phantom 40 were recently ordered to pay $390,000 after crashing the boat at night into a 20-ton steel buoy.

Offshore Nautical CI, the owners of the boat, sued Bob Elliott, who is 53, and Mike Bailey, 38, who were delivering the $560,000 boat, after the insurance company refused to pay for the damages, news reports say. The insurers claimed that Elliott and Bailey were negligent for not slowing down.

Elliott and Bailey were delivering the boat from Chichester, in West Sussex, to Weymouth, in Dorset, when the accident happened, news reports say. With a hole torn in its fiberglass hull, the boat sank off the Isle of Wight. An investigation showed that the boat’s navigation equipment failed, according to reports.

Bailey, who was operating the boat at the time of the accident, was ordered to pay more than $330,000, according to reports. Elliott was ordered to pay nearly $60,000. The men were getting paid what translates to about $88 each to make the delivery.

Bailey apparently blames the accident on Elliott. “There was a navigational problem but Mike failed to flag it up to me,” he says in a report. “I’ll have to pay this off for the rest of my life.”

— Jason Fell