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Displaced boats still go unclaimed after Sandy

Fewer than 15 percent of displaced boats have been reclaimed by their owners a month after Hurricane Sandy.

Salvaging the boats can be a difficult and time-consuming process, the New Jersey State Police told the Press of Atlantic City.

Vessels and debris still litter the landscape at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. Staff there have worked with owners and the state police to remove about a dozen boats from the area, but the storm pushed many vessels into inaccessible areas of the refuge, manager Virginia Rettig told the Press of Atlantic City.

Aerial surveys show that 130 vessels were deposited in the refuge from Galloway Township north to Brick Township in Ocean County, Rettig said. The stretch shows a debris field 22 miles along the shoreline, with many of the boats thrown into the woods.

“When the storm surge came across the barrier islands it picked up debris and boats, and then when it hit the tree line on the refuge and it finally reached some resistance, it all finally fell,” she told the paper. The displaced boats along the wreckage line at the edge of the marsh come with the issue of fuel that may be onboard or spilled,” Rettig said.

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