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Dockside drama

JAN. 26 — Three homeless men helped rescue a boat owner who slipped off an icy dock and fell into the Washington (D.C.) Channel on Monday.

One of the homeless men — who were walking by the Washington Marina — heard a man calling for help, jumped a 7-foot iron fence and ran down to the docks, according to a Washington Post news report. The boat owner was unable to pull himself back onto the dock and was having trouble keeping his head above the 38-degree water.

The man tried to pull the boat owner from the water but was not successful, the report says. Instead, he held onto the man’s arm and said, “You're not going to die tonight. I'm going to hold on to you. I got you.”

The other two men alerted police that a man had fallen into the water at the marina, the report says. The D.C. harbormaster arrived on scene and helped the first man lift the boat owner from the water.

The men wrapped the boat owner in their blankets until he was taken to an area hospital where he was treated for hypothermia, says the report.

Jason Fell