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Documentary focuses on Reggie Fountain

A new documentary is focusing on the racing career of Reggie Fountain, founder of Fountain Powerboats and current offshore V-bottom world record holder.

The documentary, produced by American Performance Media, also focuses on Fountain’s contribution to Mercury outboards’ evolution to saltwater applications, said executive producer John Potts.

“He’s had a long career and a stellar career in performance boating,” Potts told Soundings. “He’s had a very compelling story all throughout his life.”

The documentary follows Fountain throughout his racing and boatbuilding career, but only vaguely addresses the company’s sale to investors, Fountain’s contentious parting with new company leaders and the subsequent lawsuits that continue to play out between the parties, Potts said.

“He is the anchor of the story and the history of the sport is the vehicle in which we follow his career,” Potts said. “And he’s a character on top of it. We also let that character come out in him. We tell that story, and his personality comes through, as well, in the interviews.”

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