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Dog Overboard

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Tito Burrito is one lucky dog.

He spent 10 days boating on the ocean with his family, but while they were traversing Florida's calm Intracoastal waters, Tito went over the side.

Tito’s family assumed their dog would never be seen again, but someone in Delray Beach spotted him in the water.

“One of our neighbors was sitting at the gazebo on the boardwalk there, and noticed the dog actually bobbing in the water,” said Daniel Negron.

Negron said he was able to retrieve Tito and then began searching for the dog’s owners. He posted pictures of Tito on Facebook, but it was a trip to a veterinarian that revealed who Tito’s owners were. The owners had a microchip injected under Tito’s skin that contained their contact information.

No bigger than a piece of rice, microchips provide an extra level of protection in case a pet loses its collar and tags. “The [veterinarian] scanned him and luckily enough the owner updated the dog’s information the night before, so we immediately got a response,” Negron said.

Tito is now back with his family. “This dog, I guess, has some good karma because he found his way back home almost immediately,” Negron said.

Tito’s family is happy to have their dog back, but they want to remind boaters to put a life vest on their pets when they’re out on the water.

And a microchip would probably be a good idea, too.


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