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Dolphins await slaughter in Japanese ritual

The annual dolphin drive hunting commenced in the coastal town of Taiji, Japan, on Sept. 1.

The fisherman returned empty-handed for the first 15 days of the season, but that wasn’t likely to last, according to a report by Maritime Executive.

It was confirmed Tuesday that a pod of dolphins have been herded into the cove (made famous in the 2009 Academy Award nominated documentary, “The Cove”), and are awaiting their fate -- to either be sold into a lifetime of captivity, or slaughtered

The dolphins fought their capture for more than three hours, to the point of exhaustion, before they were herded into the killing cove using incredibly cruel methods, according to the Maritime Executive.

Unfortunately, these are likely to be the first of many dolphins killed this hunting season, which continues until March next year. The 2014-15 hunt quota is 1,938 cetaceans.