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(Don't) rescue me

A 78-year-old man from Berkshire, England, flatly refused to be rescued by a coast guard helicopter after falling into the River Hamble on the south coast, according to local British newspaper, Horsforth Today.

He had been cruising in his boat with his dog when he fell overboard. A woman in a passing boat assisted the man by holding onto his arms. However, she was unable to pull him into the boat, according to the report. When the helicopter arrived on the scene and attempted to hoist him out of the river, the man refused to cooperate.

“We don’t know why the man refused to go in the helicopter – whether he didn’t like flying or thought it was unnecessary,” says coast guard watch officer Geoff Matthews. “In any case, it’s very unusual.”

A rigid inflatable boat was dispatched a short while later, picked up the man and brought him to shore. The man was taken to SouthamptonGeneralHospital and the dog was retrieved from the yacht and temporarily taken to a kennel, according to the report.

- Elizabeth Ellis