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Doubt raised about amazing capsize survival tale

A woman who was the sole survivor of a boating accident that killed her husband off British Columbia on Saturday evening, might not have swam for six hours to reach shore as originally claimed, police now say.

A 38-year-old man and his wife were on a 16-foot open boat on their way back from a day of recreational fishing at the north end of Texada Island when they ran into rough seas and inclement weather in Malaspina Strait, about 60 miles northwest of Vancouver. They sought protection in a secluded bay.

"Some time later, believing the seas were subsiding, the couple headed for home. Once again, they encountered rough seas and their boat began taking on water. The boat ultimately capsized, sending both into the water," Constable Tim Kenning told CBC News.

Initial reports were that the woman managed to survive a six-hour swim back to shore in the 50-degree water, but police have since raised doubts about that scenario and say alcohol may have played a role in the incident.

Both boaters had life-jackets, but not survival suits, police said.

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