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Downed Long Island Sound light structures marked

At nearly the eight-month anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Sandy, the recovery process has been long for military members and civilians alike, but the Coast Guard continues to make profound progress in and around the east coast waterways.

Through significant team efforts, important landmarks are being recovered and waterways are being cleared of debris that remains from the storm.

During an intense two-day period June 18-19, Regional Dive Locker East teamed up with Aids to Navigation Team Moriches and Station Jones Beach to recover downed light towers from East Rockaway Inlet and Jones Beach Inlet. Both lights were destroyed during Hurricane Sandy.

“Before ANT Moriches can begin to rebuild these light towers, the remnants of the previous lights had to be located, assessed and marked with buoys in order to notify mariners of underwater hazards,” said Chief Petty Officer Steve Doty. “The mission is beneficial to the mariners who use these harbors for navigation and for the local residents who also transit in and out of the harbors. We verify that the channel is clear and safe for them to transit.”

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