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Dramatic ocean rescue sweetens the win

A young New Zealand sailor on a round-the-world ocean race told the New Zealand Herald how he plucked his British co-skipper from the Southern Ocean after he fell overboard into freezing, towering swells.

Conrad Colman, 28, and Sam Goodchild, 22, were leading the second leg of the Global Ocean Race from Cape Town to Wellington when the wind began to pick up off the west coast of the South Island.

Goodchild, who had been cooking in the galley, was washed off the Class 40 Cessna Citation without a lifejacket as he had rushed to help change sails for a 30-knot wind.

"[The wave] had a big crest which was about to break and it was going to hit us pretty hard ... I tried to hang on, but it threw me out the side and I landed on the jib and made a few attempts to grab stuff, but nothing successful," Goodchild told the Global Ocean Race's website.

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