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Dramatic video of calving glacier near tour boat

A 60-year-old woman suffered a compound fracture of her right leg last Thursday in Alaska after the glacier tour boat she was aboard in Tracy Arm was hit by ice chunks and a wave from a nearby calving glacier, according to the Coast Guard.

A video filmed by a passenger on the Tracy Arm Fjords Tours vessel was posted on the Internet Sunday. In the clip, passengers duck and scream in surprise as the wave hits, then gather around a figure lying on the deck.

Click here for the report and video.

In an unrelated incident, it’s been reported the Japanese tsunami caused Antarctica icebergs to break off.

Recent satellite images show new icebergs were created after the tsunami hit the Sulzberger Ice Shelf.

Using radar images acquired by ESA’s Envisat satellite, a NASA team was able to spot the icebergs — the largest measuring about 4 miles by 6 miles in surface area and about 260 feet in thickness.

The findings linking the tsunami to the calving event by NASA’s Kelly Brunt, a cryosphere specialist at Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland and were published Monday in the online Journal of Glaciology.

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