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Drowned sailor commended for bravery

A long-range sailor, 64, who insisted his fellow sailor, 43, go first when they were being rescued in the Atlantic Ocean, was commended by a British coroner for his selfless act of bravery that enabled the younger man to survive.

Former airline pilot Jonathan Farrar lost his life during a late November rescue attempt in stormy weather off the North African coast when on their way to the Canary Islands.

He was travelling with his nephew, Timothy Hall, 43, on a sailing trip from Portugal to Lanzarote when they got into trouble in stormy north Atlantic waters.

A Norwich inquest heard that Farrar, who was known as Fred, 'insisted' that his nephew go first when a rescue ship threw a life ring down into the water.

While Hall was saved, Farrar drowned on Nov. 29.

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