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Drunken boat driver sentenced in murder

The maximum sentence was handed down Tuesday to a Bakersfield, Calif., man, convicted of killing a man while driving a boat drunk. According to the Kern County District Attorney, this is the first conviction of its kind in the state and most likely the nation.

Justin Ennis, 25, cried openly in the courtroom as a judge sentenced him to 15 years to life in prison. The victim's family and the prosecutor also shed tears as the two-year-old case, finally came to a close.

A 911 call on August 28, 2010, came after Ennis drove a boat into a boat operated by Sal Rodriguez and killed the soon-to-be father. It all happened on Buena Vista Lake.

Evidence proved Ennis was drunk and under the influence of marijuana while driving the boat.

"Man you're drunk. You're too drunk," said an unidentified male voice on the 911 tape.

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