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Earth-friendly fuel for vessels

Just in time for Earth Day, Mid-Harbor Launch Inc. of Marblehead, Mass., plans to use biodiesel on three of its four new launches this year for the upcoming boating season, according to The Salem News.

The company plans to use a mixture called B20, named for its 20 percent biodiesel content. The fuel will be delivered in early May to Mid-Harbor’s 500-gallon capacity work boat and the launches will be fueled from there. This will be B20’s first local use in commercial boating, according to the report.

“We want to lead by example,” says Eric Loftus, Mid-Harbor’s sales and marketing manager, in the report.

Biodiesel offers reductions in hydrocarbon exhaust and has reduced sulfur and carbon monoxide. However, higher grades of biodiesel can degrade rubber gaskets in older engines and form sediments on metals such as brass and copper that can clog fuel filters.

Mid-Harbor says their B20 comes from manufacturers in Cincinnati and Florida and is made from soybeans and recycled cooking oil. For information, visit

— Elizabeth Ellis