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Editors’ Gift Guide - Stocking Stuffers

A roundup of stocking stuffers

1. Once you’ve used the Vizion waterproof LED headlamp, it’s hard to do without one. The Vizion is waterproof to 33 feet, burns for 150 hours on three AAA batteries, and weighs less than 4 ounces. It’s great for working in restricted spaces or when you need both hands for a task. The headlamp has three selectable beam patterns — spot, diffuse and red diffuse — and a rotating beam-angle adjustment knob lets you raise and lower the beam, similar to shifting your eyes up and down. The large, easy-to-operate push button selects high power, half power and off, and the 1.25-inch-wide elastic headband holds the light comfortably for extended use. Retail price is $29.95.

2. Coghlan’s LED Micro Lantern is just the right size to use as a keychain or clip to various gear. I keep several on board and at home. It’s great to softly illuminate an average-sized room, and provides enough light to safely walk through the saloon or take Fido for his last walk before turning in. It weighs less than an ounce and stands 2 inches tall. The Micro Lantern includes the two button cell batteries that power it for 25 hours of steady light, or 50 hours in flashing mode. The 5mm LED is surrounded by a conical reflector, providing even illumination. Retail price is $7.99.

3. SlipKnot can put an end to knot-tying on board. This clever device locks onto single or multiple lines with a simple twist and can provide a convenient grip for tensioning lines, simplify making loops, allow you to adjust fender heights without tying knots and more. SlipKnot is made of ABS plastic, so it won’t corrode. It is designed to work with both three-strand and braided line in 3/8-, 7/16- and 1/2-inch diameters. It’s available in blue, orange and yellow, and retail price is $24.95 for a package of three (either all one size or one of each).

4. Clamp-Jackets will be welcomed by anyone who works with hoses and clamps. The protective covers are designed to be slid over hose-clamp tails, protecting the user against injury from the sharp edge. They also help to eliminate wear to surrounding material and provide a neat, clean appearance to the finished work. Clamp-Jackets are manufactured in EDPM rubber that’s resistant to weathering and stands up to most fluids and other substances in the machinery space. They are available for both 5/16- and 1/2-inch-wide clamps.

5. The UltraBox is an all-environment waterproof case that can be used to protect delicate equipment from water, dust and moisture. It’s constructed of high-impact ABS, Lexan, TPE rubber and stainless steel, and an optional removable rubber liner for shock resistance and nylon mesh lid pouch for storing accessories are available. The UltraBox comes with either a clear or solid lid. It’s O-ring-sealed, submersible to 30 feet, and has an automatic pressure equalization valve. The UltraBox is available in six sizes from (LxWxD) 6.68-by-4.7-by-2.29 inches to 9.11-by-5.9-by-4.25 inches. Retail price for model 307 (7.86-by-3.87-by-3.21 inches) is $29.99.

6. Fender-Kadi manufactures a simple, inexpensive space-saving fender holder that can quickly be put into service and just as quickly stored out of sight. Simply hook the Fender-Kadi over the rail and hook the fender over the lower hook. Manufactured from 316 electro-polished stainless, the Fender-Kadi has well-rounded edges to eliminate snags and abrasions. Fenders are stored horizontally using these holders, and a set of two ($21.95) is required for each fender.