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Egg-shaped ‘mini yacht’ draws attention

The Italian design studio Lazzarini recently presented its first "mini yacht" at the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show — and it certainly stood out from the rest of the fleet.

The Jet Capsule is a compact water craft measuring 24 feet, 6 inches, with an 11-foot, 6 inch beam.

The fiberglass watercraft features a water-jet propulsion system and can be rigged with either one or two (gas or diesel) engines, offering from 315- to 740 hp, according to builder Jet Capsule S.r.l.

Features include a protected deck and seating area which accommodates eight passengers, automatic closing doors, a rooftop sunbed, rear diving platform, convertible bedroom, toilet and can be customized to include a kitchen.

The futuristic looking vessel can also be customized to suit a myriad of purposes, including a water taxi, emergency water vehicle, patrol boat, scuba diving vessel or recreational cruiser.

Pricing starts at $250,000.