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Electric boat pulls waterskier

In 1960 and 1965 the Minneapolis city lakes of Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriet and Lake of the Isles were hosts to the annual National Waterski Championships. At that time the who’s who of waterskiing were competitors at those championship events, many of whom are recognized today as the legends of waterskiing.

In passing years, the lake neighborhoods encroached and local lake traffic besieged the area leading to legislation banning motorized watercraft, except electrically powered boats.

Go-Float, an electric boat manufacturer based in the Minneapolis area, builds a model fast enough to pull a skier. The Go-Float RX 1 can run on plane for over an hour.

“Wow, this boat is totally quiet and very easy to ski behind,” said local skier Griffin Overbye made a number of laps around Lake Harriet to demonstrate the boat.

Go-Float manufactures electric boats at its headquarters in Hopkins, Minn., ranging in price from $1,995 to $9,995.