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Electrocution spurs changes at marina

The Bean Station (Tenn.) marina where two boys died July 4 after they were apparently electrocuted while swimming near houseboats has multiple problems with its electrical system and has 30 days to submit a corrective plan.

This comes after the Tennessee Fire Marshal's personnel inspected the site on July 10, according to the Knoxville (Tenn.) News Sentinel.

Noah Winstead, 10, of Morristown, Tenn., was pronounced dead on Independence Day and his 11-year-old friend, Nate Lyman, was removed from life support the next day. Authorities said both boys were electrocuted while swimming near houseboats at the marina.

A letter was sent to German Creek Marina manager Nancy Proffitt by Gary Farley, director of the Contract Inspection Services Section of the state Fire Marshal's Office.

Farley wrote that Dwyot Thornton, Middle Region supervisor for electrical inspectors, and William Manis, East Region supervisor of electrical inspectors, made the electrical safety inspection.

"We ask that you make the electrical repairs listed in their report within a reasonable period of time and submit a plan of corrective action 30 days from receipt of this letter," Farley wrote, according to the newspaper.

He said the plan should specifically address the electrical repairs noted in the report.

"If Proffitt fails to make the electrical repairs, the Fire Marshal's Office will have no choice but to turn the matter over to the local power provider and power may be discontinued until the defective or unlawful conditions have been corrected," Farley wrote.

Included in the letter was a list of 20 problems the inspectors found, including the following:

• All meters need to be marine-rated.
• All feeders need ground wires
• There is no ground wire pulled from shore to the marina j-box for taps.
• All dock lights at pedestals need over-current protection.
• All 125- and 240-volt receptacles need to be marine-rated.
• All receptacles need to match electric breaker size.

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