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Ethanol increase in gasoline awaits EPA approval

The Environmental Protection Agency will decide this summer on whether to increase the amount of ethanol in the nation's gasoline supply from the current E10 (or containing 10 percent ethanol) up to E15 (containing 15 percent ethanol).

BoatU.S. is concerned that with testing data on the new "mid-level" ethanol formulation to be completed on only a small group of 2001 and newer model vehicles by this time frame, consumers with older cars, boats, non-road vehicles or gas-engine powered equipment may find that the fuel is not compatible or safe for use.

"Some of our members have advised us of performance, compatibility and possible safety issues with the current E10 blend," said BoatU.S. vice president of government affairs Margaret Podlich. "To add 50 percent more ethanol to every gallon of gas without first knowing what it will do to the older vehicles and other gasoline engines we currently own, is simply irresponsible," she added.

BoatU.S. is part of , a coalition of 46 motorsports, environmental, food and citizen advocate groups asking for "science first" before the EPA allows a new fuel on the market. BoatU.S. is also a member of AllSAFE, the Alliance for a Safe Alternative Fuels Environment. The association urges anyone who is concerned about a higher percentage of ethanol in gasoline and the lack of testing to contact their members of Congress.

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