Evoy Launches Electric Outboard System

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Evoy, a Norway-based company, is on a mission to push the marine industry towards clean energy to do away with boat emissions. They have already developed a 100 percent electric propulsion system for high-speed boats, and the company is now working on its latest project: a battery-powered outboard.

Evoy is currently providing its electric technology to commercial buyers via inboard systems of up to 800 hp. After many inquiries for outboard systems, especially from the Polar Cruise segment, they have developed a prototype which will premiere later this season.

The company joined forces with Hurtigruten and Frydenbø Marine to build the prototype, which is expected to have equivalent performance to a 150-hp gasoline engine, and the Evoy claims it is the world’s most powerful electric outboard system. Testing during the summer and fall will provide final figures on performance and range. This outboard system will help the company lead the way towards a more sustainable marine industry. 



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