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Expansion of automated radio-check stations sought

Sea Tow Services International recently announced that the number of stations transmitting its free Automated Radio Check service in coastal and inland boating areas across the U.S. recently passed 100.

As of today, there are 107 Automated Radio Check stations, and several more are pending authorization. Sea Tow continues to seek new host stations in its ongoing mission to expand this vital boating safety service.

Automated Radio Check, which is provided by Sea Tow in association with MariTEL, lets boaters quickly and easily check that their vessel’s VHF radio is working. They simply tune the radio to the local Automated Radio Check channel, key the mike, and ask for a radio check. They hear an automated response and their request is played back to them, allowing them to confirm the radio is operational and to assess transmission strength, a crucial safety check.

Sea Tow Automated Radio Check also aids the U.S. Coast Guard by reducing non-emergency communications on VHF Channel 16.

Automated Radio Check service is provided over VHF Channels 24 to 28. To find the right channel in a particular boating area, all a boater has to do is visit and enter the city, state or zip code. An interactive map will open, showing them the Automated Radio Check stations in that region.