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Exploring Nazi U-boat wreck off U.S. coast

A team spearheaded by the deep-sea explorer who found the Titanic has been searching a little-known ship graveyard located in the Gulf of Mexico that includes the only known Nazi U-boat to have sunk in the Gulf of Mexico during World War II and a few of its targets, reported.

"Hitler brought the war to our doorstep shortly after they declared war on us," team leader Dr. Robert Ballard told The Tampa Bay Times.

His team is spending the month exploring the wreck of a U-boat that sunk the passenger steamer, SS Robert E. Lee, and a few other Nazis targets in the Gulf.

National World War II Museum curator Tom Czekanski told The Times that during the war "America really was under siege."

"Over 20 U-boats operated in the Gulf of Mexico in 1942 and 1943," he told the paper. These U-boats would prowl for American ships at the time.

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