Elegance At Rest Or Play


Anyone who has been in boating for even a relatively short period of time likely remembers when express boats and sports cruisers were, well… less than attractive. Their high topsides and wedding-cake-style, tiered decks made them anything but sporty and sexy.

Today, that’s all changed. Express boat and sports coupe builders in the last 10 years have gone completely back to the drawing board and have come up with new designs that are svelte, graceful and downright good-looking. New power plant technology and changes in hull design mean they’re fast and exciting to run, too.

This video has an assortment of sports coupes and express cruisers for you to consider: 

Is one of these boats possibly in your future? This article from Soundings’ August 2017 issue has the scoop on a wide variety of new sports coupes and express cruisers.