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Families of Cheeki Rafiki crew praise those involved in search

Relatives of the crew of the sailboat Cheeki Rafiki have said that they are "utterly disconsolate" after the search for them was suspended on Friday when the hull of the yacht was found by the U.S. Navy.

Hopes of finding the four men, who were sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, had faded when the capsized vessel was found with its life raft still on board.

"Friday's tragic news brought us unimaginable pain, leaving us each and all utterly disconsolate,” Speaking outside the Foreign Office, the families of Paul Goslin, Steve Warren, James Male and Andrew Bridge said in a statement. "Nonetheless, we take some small solace that this conclusive development allowed us to gain an element of closure. We know that they will be forever remembered based upon the flood of touching responses received already."

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