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Far, far offshore

JULY 2 — Before Kumar Dadiani could go fishing from his new Viking Yachts 74 enclosed bridge convertible, he wanted to accomplish the voyage of his dreams.

Dadiani and a friend recently skippered the sportfishing boat, named Lanis, across the Atlantic, a press release says. They reportedly set off in late May from St. Pierre, an island off Newfoundland, and made it to the Azores 3-1/2 days and about 1,300 miles later.

Navigating through fog and around massive icebergs, the pair veered off their charted course 60 miles to the south to find an easier route, according to the release. Conditions cleared until the final push to the Azores when they encountered 7-foot seas and 50-knot winds.

Dadiani carried 4,000 gallons of fuel for the trans-Atlantic voyage and cruised at an average of 15 knots during the day and 11 knots at night, the release says.

After completing the passage across the Atlantic, Dadiani pushed Lanis 500 miles southeast to Madeira off northwest Africa, says the release. From there, he completed his final leg, 250 miles, to his hometown of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

Jason Fell